African American Wedding Hairstyles

Finding the best African American wedding hairstyles for your big day is of the utmost importance to every African bride. Thanks to the great versatility of our hair we have lots of African wedding hair styles to choose from. Yes, we African women have a special relationship with our hair. We love it, we’re dedicated to it, but sometimes we do get a bit exasperated with it don’t we?

Thankfully, you have lots of African hair styles to choose from. African hair braiding styles are easy and convenient and although in the past they haven’t typically been considered your typical “African American wedding hair style”, nowadays there are some very creative, more formal braided hairstyles that are definitely “wedding appropriate”.

From up-dos to down-and-flowing dos… from fun curly dos to sleek straight styles… twists and chignons to romantic side-swept dos… our hair can do it all! Check out some of the wonderful things you can do with your hair below. Okay great, so you know the options are vast and almost endless. When it comes to hairstyles though, pictures speak much louder than words. Check out the gallery above for some inspiration about potential styles for you. There are styles for the bride, the groom and the children you choose to have in your bridal train.

Young Berber GirlYoung Berber Girl With Head-Wrap

Cheap Wedding Hair Accessories For African American Wedding Hairstyles

Don’t forget about what else will go in or into your hair on your wedding day. There are lots of inexpensive a.k.a. cheap wedding hair accessories that you can you use to accentuate your wedding hairdo. From wearing flowers to tiaras to veils to glitter… your hair need not go naked on your special day.

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