African Iris

Including the African iris can accent your wedding theme. With some of the most beautiful varieties of colors to choose from, these flowers of Africa can add just the right touch to your day. They are elegant and soft-looking, adding that slight yet not-to-be-overlooked touch of class. This flower makes for a lovely bridal bouquet as well because it sits so well in a hanging-style bouquet, if that is what you want.

If you are looking for wedding reception centerpiece ideas or need even more ideas for wedding reception flowers, then consider using African irises. Placing them in just the right decorative containers and with just the right presentation, these beautiful flowers of Africa can be a real hit! They are also very well suited for boutonniere’s for the men in the bridal train.

Because of their natural flowing nature, you can also consider draping them from a trellis. Yes, technically they are African in origin but they give a nice Victorian era-type atmosphere. Also, depending on your wedding venue, you may also drape them from the pews along the aisle that you and your bridal train will walk along.

Another nice twist would be to use African irises on your wedding invitation cards or even your bridal shower invitations cards. You can make it the theme of all your stationery and it is easy enough to get matching stationery. Want to take things a step further? How about an all-out iris-themed wedding. From wedding favors to bridal shower favors… If you are still pondering ideas for wedding reception favors, any of the African flowers really would be ideal.

Interesting Facts About The African Iris

  • This iris from Africa is also known as the Fortnight lily, Cape iris, Morea iris, Wild iris, Wood iris
  • It originated in Kenya and eastern Africa, all the way to the tip of South Africa
  • In the past, the inner part of the plant was used as an enema to treat dysentery; other uses include childbirth (I’m not sure exactly what part of childbirth they are used but…), treating high blood pressure, to induce a young girl’s first period, and to make a tonic for goats!
  • Some believe that when this iris starts to flower then the rains are on their way, for this reason it is also referred to as the rain iris
  • In some African cultures, it is believed that if you have been to a funeral or entered a house in which there was a corpse, you must chew the rhizome of the plant and spit on the ground to remove the bad luck. Not doing so will allegedly result in the death of an immediate family member

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