African Lilies

African lilies are an easy, and always in season, way to include something African in your wedding. These African flowers are much easier to incorporate into your wedding than you might expect.

Forget the roses. If you are planning an African-themed wedding choose flowers of Africa that will match the soul of your African culture. Native to South Africa, the African queen lily just might be the best choice for your wedding.

Interesting Facts About The African Queen Lily

Did you know that:

  • The botanical name for this lily is Agapanthus, derived from Greek words “love” and “flower”
  • Most lilies from Africa blossom in the summertime so you can have a truly tropical wedding”, but the flowering season of some types start in April, or end in December so they can be used for weddings pretty much year-round
  • Their funnel-shaped small flowers in all shades of white, blue and some purple, grow in ball-like clusters on long stalks with dark green leaves and this makes them so easy to use for bridal bouquets
  • If you choose the variety with blue flowers it will give you an additional advantage: “something blue” will be taken care of!
  • You can trust these true blue (and all other color varieties of course) African flowers not to wilt, even on a hot day, so all the flowers will look picture perfect even late into the evening

African Lily II

African Lily II

Now you just might fall in love with these flowers and if you do, there are a lot more ways you can incorporate it into your wedding and/or things related to your wedding. Your wedding stationary can be printed with the image of these lilies to match the bouquets. Their unusual shape makes them a perfect choice for designing wedding invitations, direction and map cards, response cards, thank you cards, table number cards, envelopes, wedding announcements and wine labels. The sky’s the limit really.

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