African Safari Clothes

African safari clothes make a great practical gift for the newly-married couple. If they are going on a safari they’re great and if they aren’t then give them the experience anyway. The African plains, hot and open and wild… It can be a dream for the couple planning their honeymoon to do an African safari but to those who are not dressed for the wild it can be a sweaty nightmare.

Couples lucky enough to go on an African safari have many things to consider before they start out on this honeymoon of a lifetime. There is probably nothing more exciting than the prospect of seeing lions and elephants up close in their natural habitat, but the fun and excitement may be ruined if you forget to bring the right African safari clothes.

Start by realizing that the key to buying African safari clothing is practicality. For many travelers, there is a great temptation to wear outfits like the ones they see the folks in the movies wearing. Large hats, flowing scarves, and exotic fabrics may look great on a Hollywood actor or actress, but those exotic clothes won’t feel nearly quite as cute as they may look when they are making you uncomfortable as you tour the savannah. You also don’t want to go to the other extreme by wearing camouflage clothing that makes you look or feel “wilderness-ey”. This may seem like a good idea in theory, but trust me, not only will you be uncomfortable, camouflage is not very practical on a safari.

So what should you look for? Opt for comfortable, neutral color clothing. Avoid synthetic materials as clothing made of cotton or another light natural fabric will be far more breathable. Stick with clothing that does not have bright colors, and avoid white because it will show that wonderful brown (and sometimes red) dust and dirt. Red, in particular, makes you highly visible to wildlife, and if you and your honey and going to be doing a lot of walking during your safari, this could potentially pose a very dangerous problem. The best colors for African safari clothes for men and women are khaki, olive, and brown. Look for materials that are resistant to stains. Clothing that wicks moisture away from the skin is also a good idea, and you should also consider looking for clothes that provide sun protection.

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As you make your selection of African safari clothes, remember to include a warm pullover or “hoodie” for nighttime. Nights can include sharp drops in temperature that can be uncomfortable if you fail to take warm clothing. Another good “safari” item, is a safari jacket that provides warmth as well as extras like rain protection and pockets for your little knick knacks. You will also need a hat,definitely a hat to help protect from direct sunlight which can be intense on some days. Look for a large brimmed hat that will really protect you from the sun.

Then we have the feet to protect. Your feet are very important, and you should pack a few necessities to care for your feet. If you are planning on taking a walking safari, you will want to bring hiking boots and be sure that they are very comfortable and already broken in before your trip. Otherwise, lightweight safari shoes or sneakers are ideal. This is not the place for flip-flops. You may also want to bring waterproof sandals that allow your feet lots of air.

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African safari clothes should consist of two or three comfortable short sleeved shirts, along with two or three light weight long sleeved tops. You will also want to take two or three pairs of shorts, and at least two pairs of long pants. Long pants and long sleeved shirts are a necessity at night to keep you warm and prevent the dreaded mosquito bites. One of the best African safari clothes items that you can invest in is a safari vest with lots of pockets for everything from first aid items to snacks, water, and your camera.

The good thing is that African safari clothing is very often in style, so you may find that you enjoy wearing them long after your safari is over.

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