African Summer Wedding

by Naledi
(South Africa)

What would you suggest as theme colors, make up & hairstyles for the bride & her bridemaids for an African summer wedding?

How about if it is sunny,cool, hot, or rainy on the day?

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African Summer Wedding

Dec 01, 2011 My Suggestions…
by: Ijeoma

Hello Naledi,

thanks for submitting your question.

Well traditionally, African weddings tend to be very virbant when it comes to the colors used. So you have a choice here. Go bright and vibrant OR go more muted and toned down… but still just as classy.

Traditions aside, summertime is perfect for bright colors, think yellows, pinks (…or more appropriately, fuschia), oranges, and “happier” greens (…like lemon green). Because a lot of flowers will just bloomed, your chouce of flowers will also be quite wide and finding these spring mixes that will match the bright colors will be much easier during this season of the year.

Not a fan of the pastels? Consider shimmering in silver or glittering in gold… These metallic tones work just as well in the summertime as do the pastels.

Your make-up should of course always match the colors you will eventually settle on. However, earth tones are usually a safe way to go regardless of your theme colors. Earth tones are warm and bring out the hues of you own skin. Two tips: if your wedding is taking place in the daytime use a high-gloss finish ono your lips; if it is an evening event be sure to accentuate your eyes with a liner and even some shadowing on your eyelids.

Summer hair dos can be less formal, consider free-flowing down-dos if the event will be in the daytime and/or outside and more formal up-dos if it will be an evening or indoor event.

Now to address to weather aspect of your question… Always have a Plan B just in case. The good thing is that summer weather tends to be more predictable than other times of the year but still, if it happens to be an outdoor event and that summer shower decides to fall on your special day, you’ll want to have a backup plan in place.

I hope you have found these answers helpful.

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