African Traditions

African traditions go way beyond just African weddings. And though we, well, I can talk about African wedding traditions all day long, I figured some other African trivia facts would be fun to tell you about too! Africa is a fascinating continent and it’s not at all like what most people think.

So, what are some fun trivia African facts that people always wanted to know? Click on a link below to learn some fun facts about Africa. Yes, these African tradition facts are a bit of a deviation from all this African wedding talk. But knowing how stressful wedding planning can be (if you’re at that stage), then you probably need exactly this type of break right about now.

Non-Wedding-Related African Traditions & More

  • African creation stories – with so many different cultures, there are numerous African creation myths and stories.
  • African dance traditional – there are lots of different African dances and African dance rituals. Get your African dancing shoes on for this one!
  • African fashion designers – lots of new ways of using African fabrics to create unique clothing is coming from the top and budding fashion designers from Africa. If you have an eye for African fashions and want to know what’s hot here, these are some you’ll want to keep your eye out for.
  • African folktales – these stories are a great and entertaining way to learn about African culture. These stories were (and are still) passed down from generation to generation as a means for teaching cultural traditions and values.
  • African money – ever wondered what currency is used where on the continent…? Now you can find out!
  • African mythology – we all know about Greek mythology but hey, the Greeks aren’t the only ones who have it…
  • African symbols – from adinkra symbols to tribal marks…
  • Best African authors – some wonderful literature has come from African authors and still coming even now. Here are some top authors to look out for if you are looking for a good read.
  • Best African beaches – some of the warmest and most beautiful beaches are right off our coasts, check them out.
  • Best African safari parks – if you’re planning to go on a safari, here is a short list of some some of the top African safari parks.
  • Best honeymoon locations in Africa – it’s a gorgeous continent, and if you can afford it, here are some of the must-see places to visit
  • Facts about African music – get ready to get your African groove on
  • List of African countries – know how many there are…? Contrary to popular Western beliefs, the continent is not one big country.
  • Native African tribes – I don’t know for a fact that anyone really even knows for sure how many different African tribes there are, but here are the ones we do know about.
  • Other random fun facts about Africa – get geared up to beat the competition at your next game of Trivial Pursuit – Africa Edition
  • Top African celebrations – with so many different customs and cultures, this is an almost impossible list to put together, but here goes…

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