African Violet Plants

African violet plants can complement your purple-colored wedding theme. They are some of the most popular and best-known flowers of Africa. One of the great things about them is that they are very easily accessible and not too finicky.

If you are looking for wedding reception centerpiece ideas or need more ideas for wedding reception flowers, then consider using African violet plants. If you place them in just the right decorative containers and present them with the proper “table garnishing”, these beautiful flowers of Africa can be a real hit!

As you can see from the video above (and the one below), African violet plants come in a few different shades. This gives you more options and flexibility when planning out your color scheme. Perhaps you might not want to actually carry them in your bouquet, but if you find just the right display pots or baskets, they can sit nicely as wedding reception table centerpieces.

Close View of a Purple African Violet, Washington, D.C.Close View of a Purple African Violet

You could also consider draping them from a trellis. Depending on your wedding venue, you may also drape the hanging variety from the pews along the aisle that you and your bridal train will walk along.

Another nice twist would be to use African violet plants on your wedding invitation cards or even your bridal shower invitations cards. It can be a nice understated theme and it is easy enough to get matching stationery. Take things to the next level… what about African violet-themed wedding favors or bridal shower favors. If you are still pondering ideas for wedding reception favors, any of the African flowers would be ideal.

Interesting Facts About African Violets

  • African violets come in a variety of colors – violet, white, pink, purple, lavender, blue, magenta, coral, and a blend of all of these; the bright yellow stamen in the middle of this violet adds a nice accent color
  • They bloom year-round so no matter what time of the year your wedding is scheduled to take place, they will most likely be easily obtainableBecause of the heart-shaped leaves that cup the flowers, they naturally have their own bouquet-like presentation; depending on the variety and your personal preference, the leaves can either be scalloped or plain, bronzed, green, or variegated
  • Ancient Greeks and Romans used violets as herbal remedies, to make wine, and to sweeten food; violets were also considered to be a symbol of fertility and love and were used to make love potions… Now that certainly can’t be bad for a wedding! If I get my hands on a good recipe, I’ll let you know… wink, wink

Every married man soon learns that there are some things you cannot say with flowers

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