African Wedding Questions

If you have any African wedding questions now you have a chance to ask them! It is very likely that if you’re thinking it, someone else is probably thinking or asking the same thing too.

Are you wondering about what type of music would be appropriate to enter the reception venue to? Maybe you want to know how to incorporate traditional Zambian wedding traditions into your own wedding ceremony. Curious about how weddings are done in Zambezi or what cultural elements you can easily incorporate into your own wedding?

Ask your questions here… And get your responses posted right here to! Leverage the collective wisdom of our site visitors as well, some other site visitors may be able to offer even more information.

Go ahead and give it a try. Feel free to ask me a question.

Woman and Child at Sundown, Botswana

Woman and Child at Sundown in Botswana

Got A Question About African Weddings?

Do you have a burning question about African weddings or African wedding traditions? Chances are that if you do someone else has the same questions too!

Ask your questions here and I’ll answer them right here for you and everyone else who is wondering the exact same thing.

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African/Yoruba Wedding Tradition – Tasting of the Four Elements

I am doing some research (as a wedding officiant) about a ritual called, “The Tasting of the Elements,” or “Tasting the 4 Elements”.

It’s widely claimed on the internet that this originated as a Yoruban wedding tradition…

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