African Wedding Traditions

African wedding traditions go back for many centuries and even though some westernization has crept in to certain segments of African society, a lot of these traditional African weddings are still carried out today. If people do not go back to their villages to perform the traditional wedding rites and customs, they will still replicate elements of the traditional African wedding that is practiced in their tribe whether they are in a metropolitan area of Africa or abroad.

The good thing about this is that for those who want to incorporate elements of traditional African weddings into their own ceremonies, you can usually quite easily do so as well.

Because there are so many different wedding traditions in Africa to discuss, I will tackle them either by country or by tribe. By tribe because even though the country lines were drawn by someone’s wise design, very often you will find that tribes are not geographically limited by the assigned borders of a country. Also be aware that even within one country, because of unique tribal practices, one tradition does not necessarily fit all. Therefore, I will try to be as specific and accurate as I can when recounting these various traditional African weddings styles.

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Woman doing an African ceremonial dance

Wedding Traditions By Country

Wedding Traditions By Tribe/Ethnicity

  • Arabic weddings
  • Igbo weddings
  • Nuer weddings
  • Yoruba wedding
  • Zulu weddings

Other Wedding Traditions

Although the following wedding traditions are not all unique to African or African-American weddings and marriages, they are still quite commonly observed during wedding ceremonies.

You can incorporate many of these wonderful, colorful, and very festive African wedding traditions and customs into your wedding as well. You don’t have to limit the African American traditions you use in your wedding to just jumping the broom.

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Wedding traditions are well and good but the truth is that with so many Africans in the diaspora, sometimes finding that special someone may need a little help from modern technology.

There are a number of African matchmaking and dating services available online now such as Afro Introductions, and some of them may be worth a try.

African Wedding Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and one can only read so much about all the different African wedding traditions. So… why not watch some of these traditional African weddings instead!

Check out these marriage videos of African weddings and see how modern-day African brides are fusing their African wedding traditions into their weddings in the 21st century.

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