African Weddings & Prenuptial Agreements

by Greg

Sample Prenup Agreement
Sample Prenup Agreement

I was wondering what an African Traditional person like yourself thinks about pre-nups.

I have a male and female friend who think that in today’s society that nothing is wrong with pre-nups. I tried explaining to them that pre-nups are contradicting to the act of marriage, which is a man and woman coming together as one till death do them a part. They are thinking that they have to protect their life’s investments, etc. I am slightly older than they are and it burns me to see how the practices of other cultures are infiltrating ours.

I would like to hear your opinion, to see if you can help me to “wise them up” as we say in the Caribbean.

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African Weddings & Prenuptial Agreements

Nov 29, 2011 My Thoughts…by: Ijeoma

Hello Greg,

thank you for contacting me with your question. I hope that all is going well for you in the beautiful Caribbeans!.

I think first of all one’s frame of reference is the key to forming opinions about this issue. If one is to say, “let’s put African traditions aside and move forward with a Westernized outlook”, then sure, prenups will be wise if couples have assets to protect and in light of the fact that the divorce rate (at least in the U.S. is hovering somewhere around 52%). However, I am of the opinion that if you don’t trust your future life partner enough to take the leap into marriage without having to “watch your back”, then that demonstrates a certain level of distrust and entering into marriage with a diminished level of trust does not bode well for the fate of the marriage. Entering into marriage while also giving yourself an out by preparing for a future divorce just doesn’t seem like a great way (and dare I say, the right way) to start a new life together. Again, this just my own opinion and others may beg to differ and that is perfectly alright.

African marriages traditionally involve not just the couple but their families as well… their extended families. And it is not just the peers of the couple that are related to them that are involved, actually the elder more experienced, wiser relatives pretty much “run the show” if you will. Not only do they conduct a thorough family background check (assuming they are from the same tribe and/or region where this information can be traceable), they also bring with them a certain depth of life experience and knowledge, not just in marriage but in life. If they see that a couple is not a good match they feel free to express that and if the couple is amenable (and if they are going to go all out traditional then they should be), they can “correct their divorce” before marriage rather than after.

I hope this answer has been of help to you and your friends.

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