Best Wedding Gifts

Picking the best wedding gifts for an African couple is easy nowadays. Gifts from back in the day would probably be considered unusual wedding gifts today but there was a lot of wisdom behind them. They tended to center around furnishing and outfitting the new couples’ home as they start their new life together… not unlike we do now. Some of these cool wedding gifts were actually more symbolic than utilitarian and today would likely be considered “conversation pieces” were they to crop up in a new couples’ home.

Below you’ll find some great wedding gifts that are uniquely targeted to African and African-American couples. The list will grow over time as more interesting, unique and unusual wedding gifts hit the market. The nice thing is that if you are one of those people that turns up your nose at organized wedding registries, then you’ll absolutely love these cool wedding gifts.

Some of them are useful for daily household needs, others are more for decorative purposes and some are just plain fun! You can also rest assured that the chances of the couple getting two of one of the items on the list below are slim to none… your gift will definitely stand out from the rest because some of the best wedding gifts are unique handmade items that you will find right here. The Target and Macy’s wedding registries will have nothing on you.

Polished Batiked Bone and Bead Bracelet

African Harvest Necklace (Kenya)

Beauty From a Tire (Kenya)

Colorful Opportunity 5 Strand Bracelet (Kenya)

Silver ‘Progress’ Spiral Beaded Bracelet (Kenya)

Beaded Elegance Necklace (Kenya)

Best African-Themed Wedding Gifts

If you want to give the happy couple the real African experience, like to an African safari wildlife park for example, but you can’t really afford the price tag, try some of these cool wedding gifts:

  • African folk music
  • African map
  • African safari books
  • African safari clothes
  • African safari decoration
  • African safari music
  • African safari pictures
  • African safari videos
  • African skincare products – (more than just your everyday “sun-ripened raspberries” body lotion)
  • African songs
  • African souvenirs
  • African spices and spice accessories
  • African t-shirts (consider combining these with something more “substantial”)
  • Afrocentric clothing
  • Nigerian clothing
  • Nigerian films
  • Personalized bobble head
  • Traditional African clothing

Ideas For Wedding Favors

While you have the thought of gifts on your mind don’t forget to hop over the wedding favors page to get some ideas for wedding favors. In addition to receiving the best wedding gifts, you’ll also want to give some good thank you gifts in return. Being a gracious bride and groom means not just receiving gifts from your family and friends; you may also want to consider giving your loved ones (and potential wedding crashers) some nice parting gifts to remember your special day by.

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