Mother Son Wedding Songs

Mother son wedding songs are just as important as father daughter wedding songs. Picking the right groom mother wedding song will be a great way to show your mom that you appreciate all she did to get you to this point in life. The bond between a mother and her son is just as special and as strong as the one between a father and his daughter. Therefore, this special relationship needs to be honored just as equally as that of the father and daughter.

There are many mother son wedding dance songs to pick form as well. Granted, there may not be as many as for fathers and daughters but if you really pay attention to the lyrics of the songs I think you will be able to find a few that are appropriate and fitting. Rather than selecting just one mother and son wedding song consider making a medley of songs from different genres to put together the perfect mother son wedding dance song.

Involve your mother in the process too… they like that. Ask her if she would like to do a choreographed dance (if she doesn’t get too overwhelmed by her emotions that day) or if she just wants to do a standard go-with-the-flow-of-the-music type of dance. If you both get your act together (and keep it together), you could really have something good to entertain your wedding guests with. Either way, the whole point is to honor the woman who gave you life and/or raised you to be the wonderful man you have grown up to be. Check out the list below, I have tried to select a sampling of songs that aren’t too “mama’s boy”-ish.

Mother Son Wedding Songs

  • A Mother’s Song – T. Carter
  • A Song For Mama – Boyz II Men
  • A Song For My Son – Mikki Viereck
  • Beautiful Boy – Celine Dion
  • Beautiful Boy – John Lennon
  • Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
  • Child Of Mine – Carole King
  • Could I Have This Dance – Anne Murray
  • Do I Make You Proud – Taylor Hicks
  • Every Mother’s Dream – Teresa James
  • Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart
  • I Am Your Child – Barry Manilow
  • I’ll Always Be Your Mother – Lynn Leonti & Jim McShane
  • I’ll Always Love My Mama – Intruders
  • In My Life – The Beatles
  • Mama – B.J. Thomas
  • Mama I Found That Girl – Jackson 5
  • Mama’s Song – Carrie Underwood
  • My Son – Brendan Shine
  • Oh Mother Of Mine – The Temptations
  • Stand By Me – Ben E. King
  • Sweet Mother – Prince Nico Mbarga (this is a staple at African weddings. Listen to it on the “African wedding songs” page)
  • The Man You’ve Become – Molly Pasutti
  • The Perfect Fan – Backstreet Boys
  • The Rose – Bette Midler
  • Then They Do – Trace Adkins
  • Through the Years – Kenny Rogers
  • Unforgettable – Natalie & Nat King Cole
  • What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  • Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler
  • You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins

If you know of any other mother son wedding songs that should be on the list above, please feel free to let me know. You can reach me by using the contact form.

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