My Big Armenian Wedding

by Vard

Groom putting on the shoes he brought for me

Groom putting on the shoes he brought for me

I am from Armenia and I have got married recently. I had always wanted to have a traditional wedding, as I like our Armenian culture very much.

We have what some may consider many strange traditions. Armenian weddings start with the groom’s arrival at the bride’s house. He enters the bride’s room and puts the shoes that he has brought with him on the bride, and here again there is one Armenian strange tradition… The shoe is stolen and may be given back only for a certain amount of money. During my wedding my sister had stolen them, but fortunately she gave them back early, so my husband did not have to pay a big some of money.

So, after my house we went to the church. Everyone in the car procession was honking the horns on their cars a lot. This is also a tradition… as if we want to share our happiness with other people.

After the church we went to the groom’s house and in front of their house his mother met us with Armenian bread “lavash”, for putting on our shoulders. She also gave us some honey, for our life always to be sweet. After this we went to the restaurant that we had reserved. Everyone was very happy especially me, as I was surrounded with the people who I loved and still love a lot.

There were 200 people invited and all of them were dancing and yelling “tashi”, which is a sign of happiness and is again an Armenian tradition. We did not even notice how quickly the day was over. And that was one of the happiest days of my life.

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My Big Armenian Wedding

Armenian Wedding
by: Anonymous
You looked beautiful and your wedding day sounds like it was a very special and unique day…Congratulations!

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