My Iyengar Wedding

by A.Gopal
(Chennai, Tamilnadu,India)

Me & my new husband
Me & my new husband

I would like to share the story of my wedding ceremony – a Hindu Iyengar marriage ceremony which forms a part of Indian marriage culture.

I am in Hindu Brahmin community and the marriage wedding party went on for 3 days. The first day we had a grand reception before wedding, started about 5pm and went on till around 11pm. During the wedding reception in the marriage hall (suvasini kalyana mandapam) the groom and his family members came there and my new sister-in-law-to-be gave me a wedding gift. My friends also presented lot of wedding gifts.

The next day we had marriage celebrations; in the morning we had viradham (a ceremony given by my parents), they presented the wedding clothes (mugurtha vetti), along with an umbrella, shoes, and bag.

The bridegroom had a function called “Kasi Yathirai”. After the completion of that the bride got the “Mugurtha Pattu Saree” along with a handbag, jasmine flowers and bindhi. After this, both the groom and I changed the dress and came to the dias where the marriage is was to be performed.

I had tied the knot with my husband while I was sitting in my father’s lap. Once the marriage was over we had a “Pallum Panzhamum”. Then we had a function called “Nalangu”. All these are performed along with our family and relatives.

To make it official in the eyes of the law, we all signed the marriage register. During the signing of the marriage register, our close relatives came and presented us with gifts.

We entertained them with food which they all gladly ate and then they left. Since our marriage was held in the marriage hall which was decorated in a grand manner, after the marriage was over the photographer had taken our time for about an hour by taking different kind of snaps in different positions and my wedding got over in a very grand manner.

Finally we had the lunch in the suvasini kalyana mandapam, and then went to my new husband’s place. And from that moment our new married life.

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My Iyengar Wedding

Excellent Narration
by: Charles


Nice to ur marriage photo over here. Nice couple. May god bless u for a long life

The Real Fact

Good naration and a good couple since ur living together till now. For ur kind information. I have seen ur marriage before u could see it bcoz I only shot ur marriage in video format and edited it. Any how no couple do in touch with the marriage videographer but ur still in contact with me. I know ur a best couple ever I know. Keep it up.
With regards,
Ur videographer

Excellent Narration
by: Mohan

I have seen so many weddings. But this narration is excellent

by: Anonymous


My Iyengar Wedding
by: Latha

Excellent! Nice Couple

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