My Japanese Wedding

by Brittany
(Osaka, Japan)

Wedding photo from back
Wedding photo from back

I am half Japanese, and my husband is full Japanese. We had been together for 6 years before he decided to pop the question! Now, we had the choice to do either a traditional Japanese wedding, or a Western Style Wedding. We both mutually agreed to have a traditional Japanese Shinto style wedding.

The ceremony is actually quite elaborate, especially when compared to the typical western style weddings. It is traditionally done at a Shrine, and a Shinto Priest is the one who conducts the ceremony. True to tradition, we only had our closest family members at this section of the ceremony.

At this ceremony, we as the couple are purified, drink sake out of the ceremonial cups, and the groom will read the words of commitment. In this ceremony we are dressed in traditional kimono.

Afterwards is a more open, after party. Where we are welcome to invite our friends and other guest of our choice. It is much less formal, and much more like a party.

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