My Pakistani Wedding

Me and my beautiful bride
Me and my beautiful bride

I am from Pakistan and I got married a few months ago. I am going to tell you about the traditional heritage that I followed in my marriage.

First of all the dresses for me and the bride were selected and they were the traditional dresses. Mine was a sherwani and my wife was wearing a lehange the traditional dress in Pakistani weddings. The wedding started with both of us exchanging rings and then watching each others reflection in a mirror placed between us.

After that came the Nikah ceremony a religious ceremony that binds man and woman in the bond of marriage and without which the wedding is incomplete. Then there came the tradition of drinking milk in which I was forced to drink milk and then pay heavily for it. These traditions were carried out by my sister-in-laws.

The stage that we had to sit on was decorated beautifully with flowers and bouquets. There was a sofa for us to sit on. After we sat on the sofa my sister-in-laws took my traditional shoes (khussa) off my feet and hid it somewhere and asked me to pay for it. I had to pay a heavy amount to them to get my khussa back.

After that started the traditional wedding music followed by dance performance by my friends. Then it was time for the wedding dinner and it was served by midnight. After the dinner the time came for Rukhsati which means that the bride leaves her family and rides to the grooms home. It was an emotional scene as the bride sat in the car my in-laws burst into tears. We reached home and then came the most fun part when all my cousins put me and my wife in an open box called doli and carried us in our rooms. The wedding ended after this.

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