Top Honeymoon Locations

Some of the top honeymoon locations these days are in Africa. I can’t cover them all but here are a just a few that make my short list but I’ll give you some of my best honeymoon ideas right here. I anticipate that I will be adding to this list over the course of time but let’s at least get the ball rolling for you… especially if you’re close to the honeymoon-planning phase of your wedding preparations.

Africa contains many of the best honeymoon locations that offer newly wedded couples a fascinating and romantic honeymoon brimming with memorable experiences and astounding sights. Everyone knows that Africa is home to such exotic locales as Morocco, Cairo (Egypt), Zanzibar and the Serengeti… And that’s just the top half of the continent! Southern Africa is also bursting with plenty of honeymoon destinations set against a backdrop of modern, bustling cities and enchanting African traditions, artifacts and culture.

Great Rift Valley

For newlyweds who share an adventurous spirit coupled with a fascination for ancient history, one of the best honeymoon ideas would be honeymooning in the Great Rift Valley. This breathtaking location will satisfy your desire for adventure while simultaneously providing romantic evenings replete with the sights and sounds of East Africa. Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, a natural wonder 5,400 mile long geological rift, contains the freshwater Lake Naivasha, where you can observe indigenous animals such as hippos, ospreys, giraffe, zebra and kongoni by day as they visit to drink the water and graze.

Accommodations in this honeymoon destination include Sweet Water’s Tented Camp, an establishment owned by Sweet Water’s game reserve, which provides majestic views of the valley and the white-tipped peaks of neighboring Mount Kenya. You get to wake up to a clear view of the this majestic snow-capped mountain deep in the heart of Africa.

Masai Giraffe Mother and Young, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa
Masai Giraffe Mother & Young, Serengeti

Marrakech, Morocco

If you’ve heard the phrase “ya habibi” any time lately, then you’ve probably met someone who has visited Morocco or North Africa at some point. Offering the Mediterranean coastline and the Saharan sands to explore, Marrakech represents a sensual, romantic honeymoon getaway for any couple wanting a honeymoon experience rich with the remarkable sights and sounds of this North African city. It is fast-becoming one of the top honeymoon locations in Africa because in Marrakech you can find many resorts that provide luxurious spas, desert excursions that include buggy riding, camel riding and mountain trekking; and of course there’s the delicious Moroccan cuisine consisting of traditional roasted lamb with onion and raisin sauce and desserts tasting of almond, cinnamon and honey. While you’re there, you’ll also want to indulge in some Moroccan mint tea… It’s become very popular in the U.S. both as a drink and a shampoo ingredient!

Palm Trees at Sunset, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Palm Trees at Sunset in Zanzibar


Made up of two beautiful islands surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the east African nation of Zanzibar lies several hundred miles off the coast of Tanzania. The many beaches decorating the larger island of Zanzibar offer honeymooning couples an earthly version of paradise, complete with picturesque villages and warm blue waters.

The other slightly smaller island, Pemba offers vegetation and climate quite different from Zanzibar. Both islands give you the opportunity to take a variety of tours, including the especially romantic and memorable dolphin tour, which begins with an ocean cruise for the bride and groom (or should that be, “the new husband and wife”?) to witness dolphins swimming and jumping in the ocean, and continues with a visit to the Kizimkazi fishing village where you get to experience a slice of life with the locals.

Because of the large number of top honeymoon locations in Africa, as a soon-to-be newly married couple, you should take the time to investigate the variety of tours, safaris (and be sure to check out my recommendations on African safari clothes if you opt for one of these) and other honeymoon packages available. In addition, you should find out the time of your destination’s tourist season and when the area enjoys the most favorable weather. The last thing you’ll want is to go during a season that won’t afford you the opportunity to experience the very best of your chosen location.

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