Types of Marriage

As in just about every part of the world, there are many different types of marriage structures that you will find in Africa. Truly, your marriage is what you make of it. I don’t think Africans are any different from anyone else when it comes to marriage… we are all members of the human race after. The various marriage types below are all examples of different marriage situations you could possibly find in Africa.

Some types of marriage occur as a result of decisions made by one or both involved parties… good as well as bad decisions. Other types have been forced upon them for one reason or another – family obligations, life circumstances, etc.

Check out the list below and just click to learn more about those are of interest to you.

Different Marriage Types

As the saying goes – “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”… Some types of marriages work for some people but not for others. For example, arranged marriages have gotten a lot more negative publicity than positive and I believe that that is quite unfair. This is most likely so because it goes in a diametrically opposite direction from what traditional westernized sensibilities believe. However, I personally have some friends whose marriages were arranged and they would say it is a dream marriage. Naturally, not everyone has this experience but then again, not all “love matches” work out as well either.

The same can be said for other marriage types as well.

As with any marriage, it always best (in situations where it is an option, that is) to enter into the institution of marriage with eyes fully wide open… there are lots of questions to ask before marriage, so ask them! It is definitely much better to ask them before than after, sooner rather than later. In the African culture it is very common place for families to perform customized marriage background checks on the people their children are seeking to marry. This is because individuals don’t just marry individuals… families marry families but in this case, you do get to choose your relatives! Well, unless of course the couple decides to elope

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