Wedding Reception Songs

Wedding reception songs can make or break the party for you and your guests. From top wedding love songs to top wedding songs dance songs, get the ultimate collection of music for your wedding day. Looking for great wedding song ideas? Well look no further… check out some of the different arrangements listed below. If you stick to songs in these categories, you’ll be sure to have everyone covered on the dance floor.

In addition to putting together the top African wedding love songs on your wedding reception song list, don’t forget that people love to be entertained at weddings as well. When interviewing a DJ for your wedding be sure to ask if they can provide any additional entertainment like games (in addition to wedding reception songs) if you think it is something you would like to include in your event.

Best Wedding Song Ideas & Other Wedding Reception Songs

African Country Wedding Songs

For your African wedding you’re going to definitely want to put together a playlist of African songs from different African countries. They make great wedding reception songs. Maybe you have a country of preference or you just want to blend in as much African music as possible. Check out this compilation of African wedding songs by country… And if you see one you like not listed, do let other brides, grooms, and anyone planning a wedding know! You’ll see how you can do that when you go to the page.

First Dance Wedding Songs

Lots of thought and consideration will go into this dance, so this is probably one of the most important wedding reception songs to pick. Do you want to do a standard romantic waltz? How about a faster more modern boogie-down? Do you want to do something entertaining for your guests… maybe start of with normal dancing and then flip the script and do something totally unexpected…? Yes, marriage is not to be taken lightly, but there’s no reason not to have fun with it right?

Father-Daughter Wedding Songs

No wedding ceremony would be complete without the father-daughter dance. Everyone waits for this one… to see daddy give away his “little girl” and dance her off into the arms of the new “man in her life”. Here you will find a selection of some of the most popular father daughter wedding songs.

Mother-Son Wedding Songs

Okay, we have to keep things fair and balanced. Therefore, so as not to be outdone by daddy and daughter, we’ll also include some top wedding reception songs for the mother of the groom and her son. Mothers and sons too have a special bond so this is a perfect time to pay tribute to that special connection.

Wedding Entrance Songs

What songs will you enter into the church to? You’ll need to give some thought to your wedding processional song. What song will you enter into the reception hall to? How about the wedding march song? What song or songs will your bridal train enter in to, be it the church or the reception venue. These are all things to take into consideration when planning out the details of the music for your wedding day.

Money Dance Song

In a lot of African cultures the money dance is a highlight of the day. this is perfectly acceptable at African weddings and the song(s) you pick should be lengthy enough to keep you out on the dance floor “working hard” for all that money.

Wedding Reception Songs Checklist

Be sure to give yourself time, before the day of the event, to go over the wedding reception song list with your dj. That way, everyone is on the same page about what songs will …and won’t…, be played at your wedding. For an African-American wedding, you may want to specify that certain black wedding songs be played… there are just some songs that are standard “must-plays” at every African-American wedding. Of course, for Africans too there are also some standard songs from the various African countries that your guests will also want to hear and dance to. There is a lot of new very good music coming out of Africa right now, some very wedding-specific, so you’ll also want to make sure they are included in your musical ensemble.

Other Handy Wedding Reception Song Lists

Other wedding reception songs you may want to consider are listed below.

  • Line dance songs – what would your wedding day be if there was no line dancing at the reception; every great wedding has some group dances and yours should too


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