An African wedding website… finally! Your one-stop-source for everything you need to know about planning your ultimate wedding African style. Sure the pictures are great to look at, but if you really want some solid information… you’ve come to the right place!

Perhaps you are an African in the Diaspora and want to honor your roots… You’ll find lots of information here about wedding traditions across Africa. Now be aware though that there are just about as many wedding traditions in Africa as there are African tribes. On this site you will find information about as many of them as I can gather information about…. both first-hand accounts as well as documented info.

Are you planning a theme wedding and looking for wedding theme ideas? How about going with an African theme? From African flowers to full blown African decorations… Transform an otherwise “routine wedding” into a tropical African paradise and have a wedding ceremony that you, your new spouse, and all your guests will remember for many years to come.

Did you know planning a wedding can actually be fun? It’s true… African-style weddings are unlike any other! From our rich traditions and customs to our unique wedding attire and African wedding dresses as well as other traditional African clothing used in the ceremonies… From the various wedding rituals to the traditional dances (which by the way are a great way to recoup some of your wedding costs… one is even called the money dance!)

Perhaps you can’t (or don’t) want to go all the way with a full-blown African-style wedding… there are plenty of other ways to incorporate your heritage into your wedding ceremony. Even if you aren’t African and just want to pay homage to Africa or just love the culture so much you want it to be a part of your wedding, the good thing is that you needn’t even spend a penny more than you planned to… Consider including African quotes on marriage on your wedding giveaways when thinking up ideas for wedding favors. As Africans we do have a way with words… how about reciting some African love poetry as part of your wedding ceremony vows. If you’re considering writing your own wedding vows then this poetry will give you lots of ideas for wedding vows. It could even be as simple as having some African prayers recited during you wedding ceremony!

Okay, I know it must seem like a lot coming at you right now… and yes, so maybe you will have some stress in the days and months leading up to your dream African wedding. Well… that just goes with the territory, but the fun you’ll have along the way, learning as you’re planning, will be worth it all. And be sure to get your family and friends involved, after all African weddings are a huge family affair and an undertaking everyone participates in.

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