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Marriage videos of African weddings are great because a picture truly is worth a thousand words, and in these cases, even more! These videos of African weddings have been a very long time coming but they are worth the wait. Everyone likes watching videos of weddings and where better to enjoy them than right here? See how modern-day 21st century brides and grooms infuse their African heritage and traditions into their wedding ceremonies.

These wedding and traditional engagement videos show different African weddings and how each couple decided to celebrate their union in their own unique way. This collection of videos of African weddings will continue to grow for as long as African weddings continue to take place so be sure to check back often.

What’s your favorite part of the wedding? The bride’s entrance? The couple’s first dance? Seeing the whole bridal train walk in ceremoniously? The father-daughter dance? The mother-son dance? The entire wedding…?

Well, whatever your favorite part is, these marriage videos are sure to satisfy. If you’ve ever seen any other wedding videos you’ll know just how addicting these can be. Add to that the different African traditions and the unique way brides and grooms of African descent are incorporating parts of their heritage into their wedding ceremonies and you’re hooked!

These African wedding videos will also give you some ideas of ways you can incorporate your African heritage into your own wedding celebration. From matching outfits for the bride and groom to matching outfits for your family members as well as for the friends of the bride and groom. You could perform a libation ceremony, share some kola nuts for the toast, how about a special feeding of the groom by the bride… and I don’t mean wedding cake. It is customary in some cultures for the wife to show everyone how well she will take care of her new husband by feeding him some food and giving him something to drink.

More marriage videos will be added on an on-going basis so be sure to check back often!

African Wedding Videos

Lola & Elvin (Nigerian)

Luwam & Biniam (Ethiopian)

Uduak & Enefiok (Nigerian)

Suzie & Shahid (Eritrean & Moroccan)

Abiola & Tola (Nigerian)

Sam & Biniam (Ethiopian)

Tina & Bola (Nigerian)

Juma’s Wedding (Tanzanian)

Chuchu & Emnet (Ethiopian)

Bukky & Wunmi (Nigerian)

Eniola & Ubong (Nigerian)

Jerry & Rediet (Ethiopian)

Traditional Engagement Ceremonies

Hanan & Mehdi (Moroccan)

Sade & Lekan (Nigerian)

Wedding Party Dances

Zimbabwean Wedding

Botswana Wedding

If you would like to have your own African videos of weddings (or a traditional engagement ceremony) featured here… perhaps even your own wedding on this page, please feel free to get in touch. The more, the merrier!

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